Tapas, cheese and preserves


Possibility of half portion or full portion

Pheasant with balsamic marinade

Lomo de orza
(A piece of cooked loin, in an earthenware pot and covered with lard or olive oil)

Jamón ibérico de bellota
(Iberian ham from acorn-fed pigs)

Lomo ibérico de bellota
(Iberian Pork Cured Loin from acorn-fed pigs)

Salchichón ibérico de bellota
(Iberian Spicy Sausage from acorn-fed pigs)

Chorizo ibérico de bellota
(Iberian sausage from acorn-fed pigs)

Morcilla ibérica
(Iberian blood pudding)

Chorizo de orza (1 unit)
(Earthenware sausage)

Jamón de pato
(Ham of duck)


Barbate tuna fillet in oil (Herpac)

Barbate tuna jerky (Herpac)

Boneless quails

Jar of villada blood pudding

Stuffed piquillo peppers

Spanish omelette (with onion)

Pate platter

Anchovies in vinegar

Scorpion fish cake


Toasted bread with oil


Possibility of half portion or full portion

the star? An assortment of cheese of your tavern’s choice (4 different ones)

Cured sheep Manchego cheese

Sheep Manchego cheese

Goat Manchego cheese

Goat Manchego cheese with tomato and pepper

Goat Manchego cheese with honey and rosemary

Sheep Manchego cake, flor majazul

Manchego cheese in oil (Strong)

Elvira Garcia goat washed- rind cheese

Goat Cheese – Radiquero

Sheep cheese with Pimentón de la Vera (smoke paprika) – zamorano

Sheep cheese with pepper – Zamorano

Sheep, goat and cow cheese – Pría (Asturias)

Cow cheese Oro de Prases (Cantabria)

Artisan Cheese – Payoyo (Cádiz)

Sheep Cheese – Idiazábal (Basque Country)

Spicy Cow Cheese – Afuega al Pitu (Asturias)

Cabrales – Tres Leches (Asturias)

Casín de Vaca (Asturias)


Canned food




Razor clams

Sea scallops


42  Sardines

Artichoke hearts


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